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After 9 years in the Army, I medically retired. It wasn't what I wanted, even though my body needed it. My husband, baby boy, and I packed our life up in Hawaii and retreated back to our roots in Washington state. It felt like defeat. I wanted to stay in forever! Not that the military was all sunshine and rainbows, but I joined at 17 and didn't really know anything else. The Army was both my family and my home. It took me WAY longer than expected to get my life together on the civilian side, but I promise to teach other Veterans all my shortcuts. I now have my dream life and I mean that! After a whole lot of navigating myself and the civilian world, I have found my purpose and my significance again.

Army veteran & life coach

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You are overwhelmed by options for your life yet none of them seem quite right or available to you.

you need some direction but you're not sure where it comes from now that you're a civilian.



you have the freedom of a civilian life but for some reason it feels terrible.

You left the military and you feel out of place or like you no longer have a significant role in life.



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The military taught us how to live the way we were trained, which is great!...until you're no longer in the military and that training derails any progress you had towards creating the civilian life you want. These techniques will help with that.

Simple techniques for your daily life to help you feel significantly better, from one veteran to another

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Kelley Forsberg

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