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hey soldier!

Creating and living a Civilian Life I love and am proud of took SO MUCH longer than I anticipated. I really am glad you are here, because that means you can also admit to yourself that you are not where you want to be yet. I see you and I'm here for you.

One of my best superpowers is believing in other people. A true optimist, I naturally see the good, the worth, and the potential. And as fun as it is to tell people what they want to hear (recovering people pleaser here), it is so much more important to help them see the truth of their thinking and help them get past their obstacles. It brings me immense joy to help others create lives they love, too!

i'm so glad you are here!

Learning to Hunt the Good Stuff and Detect Icebergs was transformational for me. Becoming an MRT was even better! I would go through that training repeatedly if they let me! It was basically the beginning of Life Coaching for me, I just didn't know it yet.

Master Resilience training

Adding in all the extras to cadences was so much fun! I loved getting to let loose and add some flavor to the cadence. It pumped everyone up, too! I also used to write my own cadences, including a feminist version of "My Girl's a Vegetable" in AIT. It was a hit!

Cadence remixes

During my time in the Army, from training to retirement, I had the privilege of leading yoga for my unit (and other units, too!). I like to say that Soldiers are usually the least flexible and least willing, in the beginning, and that makes it a fun challenge! Most had positive reviews. Can't win 'em all and that's okay, too.

yoga pt

I am completely serious. I really enjoyed sitting around the table with my peers and colleagues talking and planning our futures together. I didn't always like what was on the training calendar, but I sure did love to work together and achieve great things!

training meetings

When we lived on post, I would listen to Taps play at night. It anchored me in to how much my service meant to me and what others gave for it. I served on the Honor Guard for a time and provided services for over 100 military funerals. Most were beautiful, some were sad, and all were important.

taps from my bedroom window

favorite army moments

about my process

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book a free session and let's chat about your wildest civlian life dreams.

step one

This will be the best 60 minutes of your Civilian Life! No promises, but I do feel really good about it! It's one hour dedicated to you and what you want in life. When is the last time someone sat with you (over Zoom) for that long whose only interest is hearing you out and watching you be successful? To quote the great Aaron Lewis,
I'm guessing, "It's been awhile".

next step

figure out where you are and where you want to go.

step two

This part might sound simple and feel complicated. You might be thinking, "Good luck. This is why I'm here, Kelley! I. Don't. Know. What. I. Want." Remain calm. I am trained in CPR and Life Coaching tools. We will figure out the direction of your life together! Put simply, I ask questions and you answer them. It's just a lot more fun and enlightening than that last sentence was.

book a call

make a plan. Execute the plan.
Adjust for obstacles with contingencies.

(It's basically the military, we got this.)

step three

This is where the personalization comes in. Your custom Civilian Life with success, significance, and purpose offered to you on an imaginary silver platter. This is not like the field chow line where you hope there are waffles left and not just those weird watery eggs. You know exactly what kind of life you can have and how to get there, with amazing support along the way!

Kelley Forsberg

Army Veteran & Life Coach